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What if the product is out of stock?

If it is out of stock, you can fill in your email on the form and Stroberi will inform you through your email if the product is available.

What if I dislike the item and want to return it?

Sorry, product that had been bought cannot be returned

How about if the product that I got looked different with the one on the website?

Stroberi has tried to display the product as similar as the real one. Products displayed on the website are pictures from the real product. Some difference might be from the brightness intensity of the screen (computer, handphone, etc)

What if the product received is damaged?

Stroberi has made sure that the product is in good condition before it is shipped. Damage that occurs during shipping is not the responsibility of Stroberi. 

Why the product has not been delivered even though I already made a payment for it?

After you made a payment, immediately confirm your payment on the website. Stroberi can’t process your order if there is no payment confirmation. 

What if I forgot to confirm my payment after I paid for it?

The system will automatically cancel your order, if in 2x24 hours (48 hours) there is no payment confirmation detected. If you already made a payment and forgot to make a payment confirmation, please inform us through our email and don’t forget to put your order number.

How about if I want to change my shipping address after I checked out?

Please check your order before submitting to us. Data that had been submitted cannot be changed. 

Where can I check my order status?

Your order can be checked through your Stroberi account on the website.

How can I track my order?

We are using JNE for shipping your product. You can track your order from JNE’s website and fill in your kode resi that Stroberi had given in the email.

What if I want to pay with Credit Card?

Sorry, currently we only accept payment with bank transfer


What is the benefit of logging in with Account?

From making your Stroberi account, You can collect POINTS every time you make an order and it is easier for you to make an order again in the future! 

Are the POINTS can be exchanged for discount?

Every 1 POINTS is equal to Rp 1 & you can redeem your points before order check out.

When will the POINTS expired?

POINTS has no expiration date.

What if I want to ask further information about my order?

You can send us an email to for further information about your order.

I can't seem to find my questions on the FAQ...

Send us an email to for other inquiries!